Commercial Law

In today’s economic and business climate, subject to complex regulations, businesses need close, ongoing legal assistance throughout their life cycle, from the establishment stage, which requires foundational agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, and the like, through handling the whole range of contracts and agreements relevant to the activity of any business, such as investment agreements, mergers and acquisitions, agreements with suppliers and clients, work contracts, distribution agreements, franchise agreements, cooperation agreements, and so on. Moreover, regular advice is needed on matters of labor relations, regulation, ESG, office-holders’ liability, compliance and other such topics.

The Firm’s commercial clients include both private and public, domestic and foreign companies and corporations, as well as private investment funds, entrepreneurs, boards of directors, senior managers and shareholders, who benefit from the firm’s extensive experience. This can be seen in the assistance provided to these clients in all aspects of local and international business, such as advice on negotiations, handling bank financing vis-a-vis local and foreign banks, investment agreements and so forth.

The firm specializes in drawing up contracts and agreements including entrepreneurship agreements, setting up companies, partnership agreements, setting up private investment funds, investment in startup companies, commercial agreements, manufacturing & development agreements, merger and acquisition agreements, intellectual rights agreements, marketing agreements and work contracts.