Real Estate

Wide-ranging activity by the firm’s team over many years in the field of real estate, planning & construction, translates to rich experience of assisting in real estate transactions and advising landowners, entrepreneurs, investors and construction companies.

This professional experience gives the Department’s lawyers extensive knowledge and profound expertise, frequently implemented in the assistance provided to clients in this field, both in Israel and abroad.

The firm’s real estate activity covers the whole spectrum of land matters: sales, combinations, initiatives, finance, urban renewal (vacate-build, Tama 38), planning & construction, purchase groups, letting and leasing properties in receivership processes, dissolving a land partnership, parcellation, registration of condominiums, and more.

The Department’s team provides clients with help and advice at all stages of land deals: due diligence and feasibility checks, negotiating the various contracts required to execute transactions, and assistance with financial, taxation and other essential aspects of the deal.

The Department’s team has thorough knowledge, experience and expertise in planning & construction laws and all aspects of town planning, permits, expropriations, claims for loss of planning value (197), betterment fees, development fees and municipal taxes. The Department’s ability to handle planning and construction issues can be shown by its important achievements in this field, including several precedents that continue to affect law on the subjects of planning & construction, and municipal taxation.

The Real Estate Department has extensive experience of litigation in these fields before various legal instances, including all types of courts, appeal committees dealing with planning and construction or compensation and betterment fees, and the various planning authorities.