Trusts & Estates

Estates, Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney

Proper planning of family wealth helps ensure the continuation of good family relations when wealth is passed from generation to generation. Our firm offers our clients a wide range of legal tools for handling family wealth, including prenuptial agreements, gifting agreements, trusts, wills, mutual wills, agreements between heirs, agreements on estate division, and more.

The firm also draws up lasting powers of attorney.

Our team’s assistance to clients in planning and drawing up a will emphasizes the specific and complex needs of each client. With the help of the extensive expertise accumulated by the team over the years in the fields of inheritance laws, and through an inclusive vision, thoroughness and creative thinking, the firm offers optimal solutions for inheritance disputes, commercial disputes in the field of family law and estates, the process of contesting wills, having wills set aside, inadmissible gifts within the family, and more