Eli Wolecki

Heads the firm’s real estate department.

Eli has an extensive and diverse Real Estate Practice, encompassing a wide range of real estate transactions: planning and construction, contracts, sales and rental transactions, entrepreneurship, combination deal, urban renewal (TAMA 38 and evacuation-reconstruction), land taxation issues, municipal taxation (betterment levies, development levies and deposits), houses and co-ops, tenant protection, etc.

Eli deals with litigation in these areas: approval of town plans and licensing procedures, representation with planning entities and as part of court proceedings, administrative appeals, civil claims, enforcement, damages, dissolution of co-ownership in real estate, claims for depreciation in value caused by planning, expropriation, evacuation, proceedings against non-compliant tenants, etc.

Eli specializes in inheritance laws, guardianship, lasting powers of attorney, and in litigation on these topics.

Eli is a member of the Bar Association’s national committees (specialization, property, and inheritance).